Dear Editor:

  I am writing to apologize to the citizens of Montana for promoting bigotry and hate against minorities. First of all I would like to say that the whole Montana KKK group was just a hoax promoted by me. I created this hoax to infuse fear in the LGBTQ community and racial minorities in Montana.  There has not been a real Klan in Montana since the 1920’s. And there is not even one member in Great Falls or Billings where I promoted this hoax.   I would not have been capable of promoting this hoax without the help of Lee Enterprises which covered my activities on the front page of their Newspapers which they own throughout Montana. So I truly believe the coverage by the Great Falls Tribune and other papers around the nation were a result of the extensive coverage in Billings which unfortunately led to copy cats that vandalized homes, schools, churches and businesses. If Lee Enterprises would have ignored me like some people in the Billings community suggested I would not of been a bleep on the radar and would have given up in promoting this hoax years ago.   I’m a big ham and really enjoyed seeing my name in the paper and I relished having a reputation of being a Klan organizer.  However my views have changed over a period of time and I would like to repair some of the damage I have caused. I now support LGTBQ rights and no longer view minorities as a dire threat to White people.  I’m sorry for all the people I hurt using psychological terrorism and I truly believe that hate speech should be against the law.  Sincerely,  John Abarr  Great Falls, MT