Leesha ford

She is nothing more than another rich liberal who does not understand the plight of the underclass.  Leesha Ford is just another typical liberal do gooder that will do nothing for people who are stuck on the bottom rung of our community.  She would rather go to Africa than help Montanan's.

She is too nice and compassionate to do the job.  My guess she voted for Hillary Clinton for President.

 She thinks just because I was in a fake Klan group she is going to have a easy race.  Well let's all prove her wrong.  She hasn't even commented on my platform.  If she wins she will just be another democrat who votes no just because a bill was produced by a conservative.  If I win it will send shock wave that sends the message we are tired of the far left. It will be a victory for the poor and downtrodden.

According to a recent poll I have a 3 percent positive and Mrs Ford only has 10 percent positive.  86 percent unknown.

Lesha Ford on Globalism

She is totally suggesting that we all should be global citizzens like she is.   We have enough problems in our state that we don't need to take on the problems of the whole world. There are people in our community who are hurting that I want to helpl

Lesha Ford on the second amendment

She is trying to hide the fact that she is against guns.  I don't think she has ever owned a gun and has never went hunting in her life.

Lesha Ford on State's Rights

This is one area she is weak on.  We don't need the Federal Government or the UN telling us how to live.