Looking out for seniors.  Seniors who live in their own homes shouldn't have to pay property taxes if they  have savings or retirement assets less than $100,000. 

  Standing  for You: Improving Medicaid Eligibility. The other parties are more  interested in bickering than solutions that help you. I believe we must  stand up for the working poor and the disabled people of our state and  in our communities and make them eligible for Medicaid.                                                                                                                                                         Improving  Healthcare: Increase Funding for Public Healthcare. I believe we need  to improve our mental health facilities which are greatly underfunded.  Increase funding to this will help all Montanans as well as veterans.   

Giving People Hope:    Suicide Prevention Funding and Improving  Community Center programs. Suicide is becoming a big problem in our  State.  The number of suicides in the U.S. has surpassed the number of  people killed in car accidents. We need to address the causes of despair  and help people see a brighter tomorrow with jobs and community.                                         Keep your Earned Income: Maintain  the Earned Income Tax Credit. I fully support Montana's earned income  tax credit.                                                        

 Job  Development: Smart Development of Montana's Resources. I believe we need  to promote development of our resources such as coal, wind, solar,  water, oil, and natural gas. This gives jobs and increases state  revenues.

  Second Amendment Freedoms: Improve public safety education.  The Second Amendment establishes rights that may not be infringed.  Reducing unreasonable restrictions is necessary. Promote firearms safety  training in our schools.                                             

 Pride and Dignity for  caucations: I  Have European Americans Declared a Protected Class under the  law. All ethnicities and races have a basic human right to dignity and  promotion of their culture. There is widespread discrimination and  hatred targeted at European Americans. There must be protections for us  under the law. caucations should be able to publicly proclaim their ethnic  identity and heritage in all institutions.

I don't believe that anyone regardless of race should be discriminated against.  However I believe everyone should be treated the same.                   

  Improve  Interstate Commerce: Develop a new Interstate Highway between Great  Falls and Billings. Doing so would make travel safer, increase tourism  in our City and create many good paying jobs.

  The American Freedom  Party supports America First!                        

  1.  The Democratic party use to stand for conservative  Christian values. 2.  The far left of the Democratic Party are so P.C.  they are out of touch with the average Montanan. 3.  I'm for making the  Democratic party go back to it's original roots.   4.  The Democratic  Party should be united around helping the working poor.  Not obsessed  with who uses what bathroom. 5.  I want to unite Right Wing Democrats  with Right Wing Republicans.  We have a lot in common.


If I win this election it will send a shock wave through the entire nation